Exciting new joint therapy : Prostride

//Exciting new joint therapy : Prostride

Exciting new joint therapy : Prostride

Prostride: a new and very promising advancement in regenerative joint therapy!

We are excited to share with you all a new regenerative joint therapy that is more cost effective than similar treatments have been in the past and very accessible ( able to be processed and injected into your horse all at the same visit! Prostride is an excellent option for horse’s that 1-get joint injections repeatedly 2- horse’s with known joint injury 3- young horses 4-metabolic horses in which steroids are contraindicated 4-horses that have stopped responding well to traditional injections

Processed at your farm…

Dr.Neist processing a Prostride sample on the farm

Pro-stride, which is a particular Autologous Protein Solution (APS), offers a new therapy for joint health in our horses. In particular, equine athletes with chronic joint inflammation or younger horses who may be better managed with aregenerative (healing) treatment verses repetitive anti-inflammatory treatment with steroids.

Joint inflammation and arthritis are very common in horses, especially performance horses. Commonly this is treated through “joint injections” which typically refers to a steroid being administered into the joint to quiet down inflammation and therefore reduce pain. This is an effective and often very necessary treatment for lots of causes of lameness in thehorse. Quieting the inflammation by the reduction of the inflammatory cells or mediators decreases damage to the joint. When inflammatory cells are present in the joint not only does this cause swelling and resulting pain but also causes damage to the synovium (lining of the joint) and the cartilage of the joint. By treating inflammation, we help to decrease this process but it does little to reverse any damage that has already occurred to the joint. It decreases ongoing cartilage damage but does not repair the cells to make new healthy cartilage, for example. Because of this, other regenerative therapies are constantly being investigated to offer a more complete therapeutic option for your horse’s joints to prolong their athletic career and comfort.

Pro-Stride is such a product, accompanied by studies to demonstrate its effectiveness. Pro-stride’s name brand is used here in reference to this product to avoid confusion as not all APS products are created equal. As with any new therapy there is always room for more to be known but the research and cases so far indicate this as a good treatment option of our horses.

Simply put, Pro-stride is what would occur if PRP (platelet rich plasma) and IRAP (Interleukin Receptor Antagonist Protein) had a child that got each parents’ “good traits”. IRAP has been shown to improve clinical signs of arthritis in various studies in horses and is used in humans with rheumatoid arthritis. On the cellular level when a joint is inflamed/injured/arthritic a cascade releasing inflammatory proteins is released (primarily IL-1) which causes cartilage degradation. IRAP is able to directly battle this cascade of inflammation by processing an IL1-receptor antagonist which prevents the IL-1 inflammatory protein (which causes the damage to the joint) from binding with tissue in the joint.

One major benefit of Pro-stride versus IRAP is the ability to render fresh, fully intact cells. These fresh cells are more active in the joint after just one injection giving more long term therapeutic effects on the joint. The outcome is getting the same or better result from one single injection versus the traditional series of three injections of the original IRAP product previously used.

PRP has been used broadly for soft tissue injuries in horses (tendons,ligaments, meniscus, etc) with good research and success of increasing thequality of healing in these structures. PRP is able to improve joint health by stimulating the production of new healthy cartilage. Cartilage is the mainstructural support tissue of the joint and allows joint motion to occur without resulting friction. Cartilage is made of water, proteoglycans and collagen. PRP stimulates the production of chondrocytes which are the cells that produce these crucial substances.

Pro-stride is able to be made stall side from your horse’s own blood. Blood is processed within 20 minutes through a centrifugation (high speed spinning) process which concentrates the anti-inflammatory and regenerative cells of the blood making a very potent treatment product that is administered into the effected joint or joints. The APS product is a superior form of IRAP that combines the benefits of PRP in an easily accessible method for you and your horse.

Because of advances in the ease of processing as well as the better quality of this regenerative technology it offers a more affordable and accessible option than previously offered IRAP and PRP treatments.

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