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Storm Damage of Another Kind

“About 3 am on a cold, very still, and quiet January morning, a 73-foot oak tree with a 48” base abruptly crashed into a pasture fence near one of our shed row barns. One of our quarter horse mares, Savannah Drift, just four years old, panicked in her paddock and jumped a 55”

Four-board fence. Unfortunately, she didn’t fully clear the fence post, and ripped a gash in her belly about 18” long, leaving a gaping hole. Within minutes of our call to Virginia Equine, the on-call DVM called us back. He requested photos, quickly advising us to transport our horse. When we arrived, no less than five people were standing in the parking lot to assist. Savannah was immediately examined and after a consult with a second DVM, the team went to work on Savannah. She was laid down under general anesthesia, and Dr Madison O. Bolin went to work. 12 days later, the stitches and drain have been removed, and Savannah is back with the herd at home. Words won’t do justice to the comfort we felt, the confidence we gained from watching Dr. Bolin and her teamwork, and the follow-up care Savannah has received. This is the care every horse owner longs to receive when a medical emergency arrives with one of our majestic, noble equine partners. Forever grateful, Heathsville, Virginia.” Jesse Bowman, wow! We are so grateful we were able to put Savannah back to rights. We think as much of Dr Bolin as you do, but treasure these stories of good outcomes. This is why we all went into equine veterinary medicine in the first place.